Sunday, December 28, 2014

REVIEW: Canmake Dolly Matte Base 3 Stars -No Dolly Skin in My Tube!

Brand: Canmake
Cruelty Free: Yes (Confirmed by Canmake and JAVA)
Line: n/a
Make-up Type: base/primer
Origin: Japan

REVIEW Summary:
Price: 840 yen ($7.03)
Packaging: 3/5  pretty squeeze tube, no tip
Scent: 3/5 nothing noticeable, fragrance free?
Color/Shade: 3/5 One shade -a pinky beige
Texture: 3/5 similar to a cream lotion
Ease of use: 3/5 standard
Effect: 3/5 a base with no added features. 
Lastability: 3/5 average last ability on skin, but tube is VERY small. Lasts less than two months.

Claim: "Keeps your skin matte and silky smooth like a doll's (neither really), make your skin look one tone brighter (not at all), covers up pores, dullness, unevenness (not really), skin like a soft light marshmallow (nope), SPF 20, prevents blemishes and freckles (no. wait...what?), adds moisture, prevents chapping, helps make-up adhere to skin...
Features: No preservatives, fragrance free, no mineral oil, SPF 20
Feature Ingredients: Lipidure, arbutin (noooo!), ceramics, hyaluronic acid, job's tears, extracts of seed, aloe vera, royal jelly
The verdict: Despite it actually not doing anything it claims to do, I don't hate this. I wouldn't buy another base or primer or anything really with arbutin again because that's whitening effect (INSERT HUGE UNSMILEY).
But my skin is already pretty smooth and average (not dry, not oily, not prone to anything other than a few breakouts, and only needing some color correction) Unlike some bases or primers, you cannot wear this alone. It doesn't offer enough coverage or correction, or anything really. I like that it's more natural and no silicone (that I see listed anyways), but it doesn't do much for me. And it fails on all claims. My skin does not feel like a doll's any more than it usually would, and it doesn't look any different using this. If you buy this, but it as a base or primer, and not as a magical tube that gives you smooth doll skin, because it's not going to happen. With this anyways. Glad I chose this instead of the Milky version. :/ But it will not last long as I use it every 3 days or so and I am almost out after 2 months.

REVIEW:I picked this up from Amazon from a seller that usually sells Japanese collectables for 2 times the retail, but this was only $13.19, so about $6 shipping on top of retail. Better than any price I could find anywhere online.
It arrived in about a week. I was choosing between the Milky Moist Base and this because the primers were not available for as good a price, and went with this because i don't have dry skin.
It's a pretty small tube,          , and the base comes out a pinky beige. Rubbing it in makes it disappear almost completely. It does do a little evening out and it does feel a little smoother than bare skin. But nothing like the claims. I Would I buy this again? Probably not. I want a colored base that does some correcting, and many bases or primers are unfortunately clear, so this is ahead of those by a slim margin, but nothing like it claims to be.
Dolly Matte on skin; a pinky beige that disappears into skin...

From the website:

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REVIEW: Nyx Angel Veil -2.5 Stars -No Angel Skin in This Tube

Brand: Nyx
Line: n/a
Make-up Type: primer (colorless)
Origin: USA
Cruelty Free: Yes, HOWEVER Nyx is now owned by L'Oreal, one of the worst...

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  0/5 $16 - too high a price for a mid-range brand!
Size: 3/5 small
Packaging: 3/5 average: small, cute, squeeze tube, not tapered
Scent: None
Color/Shade: 1/5 opaque white (!)
Texture: 3/5 average lotionesque and a little thick
Ease of use: 3/5 average
Effect: 2/5 a little below average, leaves a whitish cast if not blended in enough
Lastability: 3/5 average stay, small size tube
Claim:  Zero points."This super silky (no), light and fresh formula creates a comfortable cushion on your skin (no) to enhance makeup application. The incredible formula creates a smooth, uniform canvas (no) that minimizes shine and makes application flawless (no). Your skin will feel like it has been touched by an angel."(most definitely not)
The verdict:
I would not buy this again. It's too expensive for the size and for the performance, even on sale. The product in the tube is opaque WHITE although it blends clear-ish eventually and it  does not make skin look or feel any smoother. It's just a primer. Fails at all extra claims to be anything but an over-priced primer.

Review: I got this on sale for $10, and it's shocking to think it's $16 instead of $8 retail. especially for a mid-range brand , on top of that now owned by L'Oreal. :( 
It's called Angel Veil, and it claims to make skin silky, soft, smooth  and flawless like an angel (?) It doesn't do any of that. The tube is small- which is great for portability, not great for last ability at that price. The product come sour opaque WHITE as mentioned. It blends in eventually, but you really have to blend, and blend to make it not leave a whitish cast. It lightens the skin, which is the exact opposite of what I want, and although you cover it with make-up, that's not a great start! It's a thicker consistency so that may be part of the problem with blending. If you don't wait long enough in between, your make-up flakes off.
It's not a terrible primer, but it doesn't do what it advertises, and it's white. For those reasons I would not buy again.In the meantime, it's nice to have an extra primer and i will use it all. But I don't recommend it to anyone either.

REVIEW: Pur Minerals Liquid Veil -4.5 Stars

Brand: Pur Minerals
Cruelty Free: Yes
Make-up Type: foundation
Line: N/A
Origin: USA

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  1/5 $39!
Size: 3/5 3 fl oz/90 ml-
Packaging: 3.5/5 Silver metal cylinder can
Scent: N/A
Color/Shade: Medium
Texture: 4.5/5 smooth, creamy
Ease of use: 5/5 spray and apply. Could not be easier.
Effect: 4.5/5 Smooth, light-weight satin airbrush finish
Lastability: 3/5 Average. Faded by the end of the day, not as long as Others.

Claim:  ...Non-butane spray-on foundation, hydrator and skin-perfecting veil features two age-defying super-ingredients: Liquid Crystals, which retain moisture and reflect light for a dewy soft finish, and Pür’s proprietary Ceretin® Complex for a satiny smooth, close-up worthy complexion you'll adore!
Achieve airbrushed perfection in a flash with:
  • Pür’s skin-perfecting veil with a satin finish
  • Liquid Crystals for maximum hydration
  • Ceretin Complex® for a smoother, firmer look
  • All in a one-of-a-kind spray-on foundation
The Verdict: Very $$, but it does what it says. It's light-weight with a smooth air-brush finish, it's easy to apply, and it's cruelty free. If you can find it on sale...Will I buy it again?  YES. If i can find it on sale again. As after i confirm that recent breakouts are due to stress and not this.

The Review: 
I was reluctant to buy this at Kohl's because it's $39 for a medium sized can that doesn't seem to have a ton of product in it. I already found a foundation/BB/CC cream I am happy with in the Lumene CC.  And it's $39! Luckily, I found it online for under $10 and tried the colors in store. NOt a huge difference between Light and Medium, and I chose medium because it looks very beige out of the can, but #1: it blends much lighter into the skin and is somewhat sheer and #2: I like my skin to have a darker tint because I'm pretty fair.
I applied it by spraying in hand and applying to my face, worrying about how beige it was, and then watching it blend much lighter. Somehow it does blend it to create a very smooth satin finish that does look air-brushed. It is light-weight- it doesn't feel like there is anything on your face, adn it feels and looks very smooth. I have normal skin- not dry, not oily, and it just requires just a little bit of redness correcting and evening along with covering an occasional breakout due to stress. I had my mom try this and she needs much more full-coverage in her face products and she did not like this. So those with any skin problems/issues may not like this. I recommend it for regular skin that just needs a little polishing. 

Foam sprayed from the can

Dark beige color applied directly to skin w/out blending.

REVIEW: Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain- Bronze Glimmer -4.5 stars

Brand: The Body Shop
Line: n/a
Make-up Type: lip & cheek stain, sponge applicator
Origin: USA
Tested on Animals: No. HOWEVER parent company not cruelty free.

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  2/5 -$14! Get this during the 40% off sale!
Size: 8 ml, 0.2 fl oz 4/5
Packaging: clear with sponge tip applicator 3/5
Scent:  3/5 -faint clay smell
Taste:  0/5 very bitter taste 
Color/Shade: 5/5 peachy bronze
Texture: 1/5 tacky, very dry after applied 1/5
Ease of use: 4/5 twist open and apply with sponge applicator. Easy to put on unevenly.
Effect: 4/5 metallic shimmer
Lastability: 3/5 Average

Claim: Lip & cheek stain- no claims
The verdict: I love the color, I love the effect, i like that it lasts longer than a lipgloss. I hate the bitter taste it has, and I dislike how tacky and dry it feels once it sets. BUT the texture and bitter flavor can be remedied by applying a lip balm on top. I did not use it on cheeks. Overall, I would buy again.

The Review:
I tried this product during one of Body Shop's Christmas sales during which it was 50% off. I don't think I would buy this full price at $14.
It is the standard lip gloss size and comes in a container you unscrew open and apply with the sponge tip applicator. The initial texture is pretty liquid and runny and it WILL go on unevenly with the excess going outside your lip liner. Once it is on, it dries fast to a tacky finish that is very dry. If you make the mistake of tasting it, you will regret it. It tastes extremely bitter. Since I like this color so very much, I found a solution to this. If you use a very smooth lip balm, it provides needed moisturizer and camouflages the taste.
The staying power depends on what you're doing, but it seems to last longer than the average lip gloss. I really love this color and I recommend the product overall, on sale, and paired with a moisturizing lip balm.