Wednesday, October 26, 2016

REVIEW: Beyond Alice Blooming Snow Cushion -2/5 ("beige" is ghost white!)

Brand: Beyond
Line: Alice II
Make-up Type: foundation pact
Origin: South Korea
Cruelty FreeYes 

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  2/5 Their website has no price information, but needs to be imported via sites that sell internationally. I found it for $21, which is ghastly.
Size: 2/5 15 g Large pact, but hardly any content inside.
Packaging: 5/5 You will buy this solely for the package design. 
It comes in a little paper box with Alice designs, and the pact has a beautiful Alice design. And a mirror inside.
Scent: 1/5 Floral. Again. It reminds me of something you'd smell your grandma putting on when you're little. Dislike. It also does not fade.
Color/Shade: 1/5 #02 Natural Beige is the darker of the two, but it makes me lighter. I hate it.
Texture: 3/5  Average. It's a thin cream.
Ease of use: 4/5  Pact has a sponge to apply, snd you dip that in the sponge that holds the product.
Effect: 1/5 It is said to have a bit of luster, but i see none of that, and it makes me at least 2 times lighter! It makes me look sick, or like a ghost. I might use as a base, but i couldn't leave the house with just this one.
Last ability 2/5 Below Average
Claim: [Beyond] Alice In Blooming Snow Cushion
Alice In Blooming" 2nd collection.This blooming skin perfect cushion covers up flaws on the face while leaving skin glowing likes flowers in spring. FALSE It keeps your face soft and moist with whitening TRUE + anti-wrinkle + UV protection.
from website [Beyond]

The Verdict: It's cruelty free. The packaging is beautiful and even has a mirror.. Yet the color is very very very very light. Not beige. I could even deal with the floral smell if it didn't make me look sick. I gave it 2 stars just for the pact. Without it? It's not even one star.

Buy again? No. But I bought it for the pact.


I honestly bought this entirely for the pact design. I've never used a pact before for anything besides powder. The design is beautiful. It opens to a mirror on the top, and a little plastic spot for the sponge. The sponge even has an Alice logo. Then that plastic pulls up and the make-up pact is underneath. It's basically just a sponge soaked in make-up. And it dries fast. 
I've attached photos that show just how white this is. Since I like the pact, i'll use it as a mirror and maybe use the whitening cream for a base under my usual bb or cc cream. Most bb or cc creams come out darker and blend. This comes out light and stays light. I'm wondering how the lighter version could possibly be lighter. I have no words to express how much I hate this, and it will be my last pact ever. As I sit here hating this, the floral smell that doesn't fade is giving me a headache. Why did I...
Right. The packaging.

REVIEW: Beyond Alice Blooming Aqua Cream - 2/5 -Zero Effect

Brand: Beyond
Line: Alice II
Make-up Type: Hyaluronic Acid cream
Origin: South Korea
Cruelty FreeYes 
From website {Beyond}

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  2/5 Their website has no price information, but needs to be imported via sites that sell internationally. i found it for $17.
Size: 5/5 55 ml Large and I will probably never use it all.
Packaging: 5/5 You will by this solely for the package design. It comes in a paper box with Alice designs, and the cream is in a pink plastic jar with an Alice design on front.
Scent: 2/5 It's not terrible, but it is very floral. I don't like it.
Color/Shade: NA
Texture: 3/5  Cold gel
Ease of use: 4/5 Package includes a little shovel.
Effect: 2/5 It's supposed to make your skin very smooth and moisturized, but it does literally nothing for mine. Like using water.
Last ability 5/5 Large jar.
Claim: [Beyond] Alice In Blooming Aqua Cream
This aqua cream contains lotus extract and Micro Hyaluronic Acid, which gives your skin abundant moisture and elasticity as well as smoother texture.Moist membrane stops losing skin moist as long as possible. FALSE

The Verdict:
 It's cruelty free. The packaging is cute and pretty. The jar is reusable. Yet the cream does nothing for me. Not a thing. And I dislike the scent.
Buy again? No!! 

Not much to say that The Verdict doesn't cover. It's a below average product that does nothing for my skin. 

South Korea to follow in footsteps of the EU & UK & Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics

The Korea National Assembly has passed a Bill banning animal testing of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients on animals by 2018.
Not much additional information, such as details or loopholes is available right now. 
As we know, companies can still sell in the UK if they test in China, and that is a big loophole. It remains to be seen if there are bigger loopholes in the South Korean ban.
This will not effect my buying personally, as the brands I can't buy now are brands that sell in China now, and will still sell in =China in 2018, but it's a great step forward formally. 
A step that puts the US not just behind EU, but also behind South Korea. In more than just figure skating!

REVIEW: Beyond Alice Lip Oil Tint [4 & 5]

Brand: Beyond
Line: Alice II
Make-up Type: Lip tint
Origin: South Korea
Cruelty FreeYes 
photo from website {Beyond}
No, it really isn't that purple!

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  2/5 Their website has no price information, but needs to be imported via sites that sell internationally. The average price online is $9. $$ for a small tube.
Size: 3/5 4.5 g Average
Packaging: 5/5 You will by this solely for the package design. It comes in a little paper box with Alice designs, and the lip color is in a hard plastic screw on container with Alice card character on the body.
Scent: N/A
Color/Shade: 3/5 A tinted pinkish purple
Texture: 4/5  Lip oil
Ease of use: 5/5 Easy. Brush applicator
Effect: 3/5 It's an okay color, but it doesn't last long at all. The color vanishes and leaves no tint behind.
Last ability 2/5 Gone pretty quickly
Claim: BEYOND Disney Alice Collaboration
Royal Black tea contains the essence
- Give your lips moisture and elasticity High moisturizing oils
- Temptation of oil in tinted
- Soft colors, Vivid glow lip director

The Verdict:
 It's cruelty free. The packaging is cute. The applicator is easy to use. Yet the color is pretty basic and boring, and it vanishes. It's not a stain, nor is it a tint.
Buy again? No 

Not much to say that The Verdict doesn't cover. It's a below average product. See photos and swatches below. 

REVIEW: Beyond Alice in Glow Cream Shadow [#7 Choco Fudge] - 3/5

Brand: Beyond
Line: Alice II
Make-up Type: Eye Shadow
Origin: South Korea
Cruelty FreeYes 

from the website

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  2/5 Their website has no price information, but needs to be imported via sites that sell internationally. The average price online is $9.50- $10. Pricey for a small pot.
Size: 3/5 3 g Pretty small
Packaging: 5/5 You will by this solely for the package design. It comes in a little paper box with Alice deigns, and the shadow is in a hard plastic screw on container with Alice on the lid.
Scent: N/A
Color/Shade: 5/5 A beautiful pigmented and sparkly deep brown
Texture: 5/5 Smooth and creamy. 
Ease of use: 4/5 Very soft, fingers over brush recommended.
Effect: 3/5 It's beautiful, and would get a 5/5, but the color fades to a opaque brown glitter in a few hours.
Last ability 1/5 Terrible. All that's left is a tint and glitter after only a few hours.
Claim: BEYOND Disney Alice Collaboration
Glow cream eye shadow with pearl glow for shimmery eyes
- Cream texture like soft cozy sweet dessert
- moisture glowing pearl shines like jewelry
- contains royal black tea essence and glowing diamond powder
FALSE - long lasting fomular winning against any outdoor activities even at the waterpark FALSE

The Verdict:
I'm torn. It's cruelty free. The packaging is adorable, and it is reusable. After it's empty, you still have a little hard plastic container with an alice lid. The texture is smooth. The color is pigmented, sparkly, and beautiful. Yet the color vanishes! The only issue
Buy again? Yes. No. Yes. No. 
Ok, without the Alice on the cover? No.

Not much to say that The Verdict doesn't cover. This would be my favorite eye color if only it stayed on. See photos and swatches below. 
An on eye before and after will also be added.
package design


I wanted to share my experience with KPopTown, and to tell others to avoid them.
No start with, they are not one of the many online K Beauty stores that offer free shipping.
I added 6 very tiny items to my cart, and went to check out.
! $10 shipping and handling! 
According to their invoices, they are located in San Jose, California. Even priority mail would not cost that much.
I also found the same items on another site the day before (the ones I wanted were not available) and shipping was $6. So they are charging almost double what another company is charging for the same product. But left with no other options...
These items were available on many other sites previously, and some sites sold them for around $2.40 with or without shipping, while other sites charged double that and most of those included shipping. Logically, the sites that do not mark up and charge shipping are actually better deals in the end. Even with shipping. Why? 2 times 7 equals 14, plus 6, equals 20. 4 times seven equals 24. 

 I check out on the 4th. Forward ahead to the 10th, at around 3:20 am. They send me an e-mail (while I'm sleeping) that two of the items are out of stock. They ask (mistakes are theirs, not mine):
"Can we ship your other possible item only?
If you agree, we will ship possible items and refund for sold out items' price and left shipping cost if any after shipping your package.
Please give us your reply. We are sorry for sold out item."

But they sent another e-mail exactly a minute later telling me another item was out of stock. They say the one I ordered is out of stock, but they offer another color.
"We can get other #item number, #item number instead.
Will you take other #, # ?

Please give us your reply.

If you do not want other option, you can ask us refund. We will wait your reply."

Ok. Three items are out of stock. Leaving me with 3 items. I check the shipping cost for just those 3. $10!! Logically, shipping would be less, right? No. I'm not paying $10 for 3 items. I reply that very same day, in the afternoon, that I don't want the other items they offered, and to cancel my order.

The next day, at 2:00 a.m, they reply:
"other options are packed and we cannot cancel whole order now."

WHAAAT?? How did they pack an order that wasn't completed?
1. They were still waiting for me to tell them if I wanted them to give me an alternate to one of the items not in stock, it can't be "packed".
2. They also asked permission to ship the incomplete order and I said no.
3. Lastly, they said they'd "wait my reply".

So, I had to contact paypal and file a claim. They said KPT had about 5 days to respond to the claim, but if they did not respond by the end of the 5 days, I would be refunded immediately. If they did respond but that if they were unable to send my whole order, it would be refunded also.
KPOPTOWN emailed me on the 18th at around 8 PM saying my order was canceled. Magic? Exactly a minute later, they sent another e-mail saying that I was refunded payment.


Paypal did not automatically credit me the money on the day they said they would either. I had to call, and although the time period for the company to respond (they never responded to them) had passed, Paypal never acted on it. Had I not contacted them, Paypal would have my money.

So let me review WHY I cannot recommend KPOPTOWN...

1. Several items were out of stock and they asked if I still wanted the rest of the order or a substitute. They said they'd wait for my reply. When I replied back SAME DAY, they waited a day, then told me they already packed the order and refused to cancel.

2. They never responded to the paypal claim, instead they canceled my order and claimed to have refunded me, BUT THEY LIED ABOUT REFUNDING ME!

3. My order was $10 shipping with 6 items, and also $10 shipping with 3 items.

4. They charge almost double what other companies charge for shipping.

smaller issues:
5. Their invoice says they have an office in the US, yet they bill shipping as though it's shipped from South Korea. Obviously they need to ship stock in, but they'd be shipping large quantities and that's part of their operating costs.
6. It took them 6 days to realize half of my items were out of stock.

Overall this is a dishonest company and I recommend that people avoid them!

Go with Jolse or Ruby Ruby shop or BB Cosmetic

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pur Minerals Dark Spot Corrector Primer -4.5 Stars

Brand: Pur Minerals
Line: n/a
Make-up Type: Primer/ Corrector
Origin: USA
Cruelty Free: Yes 

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  2/5 $31 Very Very $$ although I bought mine online for around $12
Size: 4/5 1 oz/30 ml Standard size
Packaging: 3/5 Portable squeeze tube
Scent: N/A
Color/Shade: 5/5 one shade, an orange that blends into skin tone
Texture: 4/5 Smooth, but can be a little slippery
Ease of use: 5/5 Easy. Squeeze, apply, blend
Effect: 5/5 Can be used as primer/base, corrector, or as a foundation itself!
Lastability:  3/5 Average and starts to fade to nothing by end of day
Claim: "Neutralize the look of dark circles, age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone with color-perfecting ingredients. Plus, brighten and firm the skin's appearance while smoothing away the look of lines with clinically proven skin care technology. Vegan friendly. Paraben-free. Gluten-free."

The Verdict:
This is a base/primer that also balances color and covers dark spots- to a degree. It does not completely hide my puffy circles but it does make them less obvious which not much else will do.You can wear under make-up, as concealer, or as foundation itself although it won't stay as long. I would buy again if I could find it for less than $15.
Buy again? Yes.

I bought this for about $12 online which is less than half of retail. This is meant to be used as a base/primer with the added benefit of covering dark spots and uneven color. However, it can be used as a concealer for uneven colored areas, or under eye circles. If yours are as dark and puffy as mine, it won't fix it, but it will make it a bit less noticeable. Lastly, it can be used alone, as a foundation itself, although it has less staying power that way. I would recommend at least a light layer of BB or CC. This does a great job of evening out skin. I still prefer the spray foundation but this is another great option or can be paired with that.
The squeeze bottle could have a thinner tip, but it doesn't spill or burst out. It is decently sized for portability. It has no scent. It can feel slightly slippery and may not last too long alone. It is orange but blends to skin color easily. Overall a must have in my make-up bag.
4.5 Stars, it would be 5 if it stayed on skin longer without sliding off.