Wednesday, October 26, 2016

REVIEW: Beyond Alice in Glow Cream Shadow [#7 Choco Fudge] - 3/5

Brand: Beyond
Line: Alice II
Make-up Type: Eye Shadow
Origin: South Korea
Cruelty FreeYes 

from the website

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  2/5 Their website has no price information, but needs to be imported via sites that sell internationally. The average price online is $9.50- $10. Pricey for a small pot.
Size: 3/5 3 g Pretty small
Packaging: 5/5 You will by this solely for the package design. It comes in a little paper box with Alice deigns, and the shadow is in a hard plastic screw on container with Alice on the lid.
Scent: N/A
Color/Shade: 5/5 A beautiful pigmented and sparkly deep brown
Texture: 5/5 Smooth and creamy. 
Ease of use: 4/5 Very soft, fingers over brush recommended.
Effect: 3/5 It's beautiful, and would get a 5/5, but the color fades to a opaque brown glitter in a few hours.
Last ability 1/5 Terrible. All that's left is a tint and glitter after only a few hours.
Claim: BEYOND Disney Alice Collaboration
Glow cream eye shadow with pearl glow for shimmery eyes
- Cream texture like soft cozy sweet dessert
- moisture glowing pearl shines like jewelry
- contains royal black tea essence and glowing diamond powder
FALSE - long lasting fomular winning against any outdoor activities even at the waterpark FALSE

The Verdict:
I'm torn. It's cruelty free. The packaging is adorable, and it is reusable. After it's empty, you still have a little hard plastic container with an alice lid. The texture is smooth. The color is pigmented, sparkly, and beautiful. Yet the color vanishes! The only issue
Buy again? Yes. No. Yes. No. 
Ok, without the Alice on the cover? No.

Not much to say that The Verdict doesn't cover. This would be my favorite eye color if only it stayed on. See photos and swatches below. 
An on eye before and after will also be added.
package design

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