Wednesday, October 26, 2016

REVIEW: Beyond Alice Blooming Snow Cushion -2/5 ("beige" is ghost white!)

Brand: Beyond
Line: Alice II
Make-up Type: foundation pact
Origin: South Korea
Cruelty FreeYes 

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  2/5 Their website has no price information, but needs to be imported via sites that sell internationally. I found it for $21, which is ghastly.
Size: 2/5 15 g Large pact, but hardly any content inside.
Packaging: 5/5 You will buy this solely for the package design. 
It comes in a little paper box with Alice designs, and the pact has a beautiful Alice design. And a mirror inside.
Scent: 1/5 Floral. Again. It reminds me of something you'd smell your grandma putting on when you're little. Dislike. It also does not fade.
Color/Shade: 1/5 #02 Natural Beige is the darker of the two, but it makes me lighter. I hate it.
Texture: 3/5  Average. It's a thin cream.
Ease of use: 4/5  Pact has a sponge to apply, snd you dip that in the sponge that holds the product.
Effect: 1/5 It is said to have a bit of luster, but i see none of that, and it makes me at least 2 times lighter! It makes me look sick, or like a ghost. I might use as a base, but i couldn't leave the house with just this one.
Last ability 2/5 Below Average
Claim: [Beyond] Alice In Blooming Snow Cushion
Alice In Blooming" 2nd collection.This blooming skin perfect cushion covers up flaws on the face while leaving skin glowing likes flowers in spring. FALSE It keeps your face soft and moist with whitening TRUE + anti-wrinkle + UV protection.
from website [Beyond]

The Verdict: It's cruelty free. The packaging is beautiful and even has a mirror.. Yet the color is very very very very light. Not beige. I could even deal with the floral smell if it didn't make me look sick. I gave it 2 stars just for the pact. Without it? It's not even one star.

Buy again? No. But I bought it for the pact.


I honestly bought this entirely for the pact design. I've never used a pact before for anything besides powder. The design is beautiful. It opens to a mirror on the top, and a little plastic spot for the sponge. The sponge even has an Alice logo. Then that plastic pulls up and the make-up pact is underneath. It's basically just a sponge soaked in make-up. And it dries fast. 
I've attached photos that show just how white this is. Since I like the pact, i'll use it as a mirror and maybe use the whitening cream for a base under my usual bb or cc cream. Most bb or cc creams come out darker and blend. This comes out light and stays light. I'm wondering how the lighter version could possibly be lighter. I have no words to express how much I hate this, and it will be my last pact ever. As I sit here hating this, the floral smell that doesn't fade is giving me a headache. Why did I...
Right. The packaging.

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