Sunday, December 28, 2014

REVIEW: Canmake Dolly Matte Base 3 Stars -No Dolly Skin in My Tube!

Brand: Canmake
Cruelty Free: Yes (Confirmed by Canmake and JAVA)
Line: n/a
Make-up Type: base/primer
Origin: Japan

REVIEW Summary:
Price: 840 yen ($7.03)
Packaging: 3/5  pretty squeeze tube, no tip
Scent: 3/5 nothing noticeable, fragrance free?
Color/Shade: 3/5 One shade -a pinky beige
Texture: 3/5 similar to a cream lotion
Ease of use: 3/5 standard
Effect: 3/5 a base with no added features. 
Lastability: 3/5 average last ability on skin, but tube is VERY small. Lasts less than two months.

Claim: "Keeps your skin matte and silky smooth like a doll's (neither really), make your skin look one tone brighter (not at all), covers up pores, dullness, unevenness (not really), skin like a soft light marshmallow (nope), SPF 20, prevents blemishes and freckles (no. wait...what?), adds moisture, prevents chapping, helps make-up adhere to skin...
Features: No preservatives, fragrance free, no mineral oil, SPF 20
Feature Ingredients: Lipidure, arbutin (noooo!), ceramics, hyaluronic acid, job's tears, extracts of seed, aloe vera, royal jelly
The verdict: Despite it actually not doing anything it claims to do, I don't hate this. I wouldn't buy another base or primer or anything really with arbutin again because that's whitening effect (INSERT HUGE UNSMILEY).
But my skin is already pretty smooth and average (not dry, not oily, not prone to anything other than a few breakouts, and only needing some color correction) Unlike some bases or primers, you cannot wear this alone. It doesn't offer enough coverage or correction, or anything really. I like that it's more natural and no silicone (that I see listed anyways), but it doesn't do much for me. And it fails on all claims. My skin does not feel like a doll's any more than it usually would, and it doesn't look any different using this. If you buy this, but it as a base or primer, and not as a magical tube that gives you smooth doll skin, because it's not going to happen. With this anyways. Glad I chose this instead of the Milky version. :/ But it will not last long as I use it every 3 days or so and I am almost out after 2 months.

REVIEW:I picked this up from Amazon from a seller that usually sells Japanese collectables for 2 times the retail, but this was only $13.19, so about $6 shipping on top of retail. Better than any price I could find anywhere online.
It arrived in about a week. I was choosing between the Milky Moist Base and this because the primers were not available for as good a price, and went with this because i don't have dry skin.
It's a pretty small tube,          , and the base comes out a pinky beige. Rubbing it in makes it disappear almost completely. It does do a little evening out and it does feel a little smoother than bare skin. But nothing like the claims. I Would I buy this again? Probably not. I want a colored base that does some correcting, and many bases or primers are unfortunately clear, so this is ahead of those by a slim margin, but nothing like it claims to be.
Dolly Matte on skin; a pinky beige that disappears into skin...

From the website:

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  1. Hi, MeowMinx, I'm so happy to see a bloggers that concern about animal testing and such things. Yes!!!! Because I also concern about the issue and will try to use animal friendly cosmetic as much as I can. So I saw one of your post, about korean and japanese products that do and do not do animal testing. The list is from early 2014 if I'm not wrong.

    Can you share more update information, as maybe you have some latest information about the companies now. Thanks before.

    1. Hi Hotelier, I just checked out the list for S.Korea and it has not changed. All of the brands aside from Klairs seem to be hard to find overseas.This link here is updated by KARA periodically.
      The Japanese brands I got from JAVA the Japanese organization dedicated to anti vivisection.
      Thank you for the comment!