Sunday, March 2, 2014

Why I Would NEVER Buy LimeCrime...Owner says..."Idiots stupid enough to spend $16 on a gram of product- I Don't Need Your Money!"

I came across this information online and wanted to share. This post is all links and info collected and presented by other people in the hope that others will read it and share it...
There is some information online showing that the owner of Lime Crime actually threatened a blogger (who posted a negative review) with a lawsuit. Unless she took the review down and made a public apology. Which she did. Then LC demanded she delete that and read a scripted apology as her own instead. Negative reviews on the website are taken down.
Other information- that includes photos- also indicates that the brand who claims they created colors because they "couldn't find them anywhere else"....has colors that look exactly like- and sometimes not as pigmented or colorful as!- other mineral eyeshadow brands. They also have the exact same colors - to the naked eye- as another brand -Beauty From the Earth- that admitted buying some of them from a wholesaler called TBK Trading and repackaging them as their own. There is no "proof" that Lime Crime is buying products and selling them for more than 4 times as much...but there is no proof they aren't.
To buy eyeshadow colors from a wholesaler and then put your label on it and sell it for 2-4 times as much...unethical. $4 for a large bag to $12 for a tiny mini container...
Knowing this, it angers me that so many cruelty free bloggers recommend this brand. She can't get credit for being cruelty free if she is buying the entire product from another source.
I would never EVER buy this over-priced brand and am including links to spread the word...
This is a screen-shot of a comment posted by Lime Crime's goes to this person
Would YOU ever buy from a person like this?

It shows a blatant disrespect for...anyone and everyone. Just reading this alone would cement my decision to not even use Lime Crime if it were free.
 I also don't think I would ever trust a mineral make-up company, but here is the List of Mineral Brands that Make Their Own Make-up via blogger Phyrra's blog.

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