Monday, March 10, 2014

REVIEW: Tarte SmolderEyes Skinny in Onyx -2 stars - Grade: F

Brand: Tarte
Line: SmolderEyes (?)
Make-up Type: Gel Eyeliner crayon
Origin: USA
Tested on Animals: NO

REVIEW Summary: 19/45 
Price: $19 :( 1/5
Size: .04 -standard slim eyeliner crayon 3/5
Packaging: black pencil (that needs sharpening) with metallic gold vine designs 3/5
Scent: N/A
Color/Shade: Onyx (black) very intense and pigmented 4/5
Texture: smooth, soft, gel 4/5
Ease of use: Draw on with pencil, but the tip is so soft that it smudges easily and goes on uneven 2/5
Effect: Dark dark black line that smudges easily 1/5
Lastability: It smudges easily, runs if your eyes water, and in a few hours it's a mess. Forget to take it off overnight and you will still have a smudgy uneven line the next morning. 1/5
Claim: water proof FALSE
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

The verdict: This liner is difficult to draw an even line with due to the soft texture of the tip that dulls with only a few usages. Then after it sets, it still smudges at the drop of a hat. And becomes spotty with water. And wears off in places and stays strong in others. It's terrible for the under eye line and best for the over eye line. Although it stays on overnight, it only stays on in spots and looks bleary like you've been sobbing for hours. I would NOT buy this again, especially at this price!
Patchy smudgy smeared liner FAIL

The Review:
I prefer eyeliners with shimmer, but I got this one used from a sale for $3, and it was the only color choice or I would have chosen Moonstone or Sunstone (I read Sunstone has shimmer). $5 shipped def beats $19 which I would never ever pay for a shimmer or metallic gel liner much less a regular one.
I love gel eyeliner pencils because you don't have to trace over and over to get color, but this one doesn't actually *claim* to be a gel. Either way, it glides on just like a gel liner, and is soft like a gel liner. My biggest concern with this type is that when it needs to be sharpened, the whole thing shrinks by a quarter. That doesn't work for a $19 eyeliner. I used this three to four times and it was so dull it needed to be sharpened already. It did not reduce the size of the stick as drastically as some of them do. So it passes that test.
When drawing with this, it seems that the line is a little harsh and dark. A little too intense. Which is perfect for the top line, but not so perfect for the bottom line. Even sharpened, it doesn't really have a point possibly because of the texture and how soft it is. It makes drawing a line that goes on evenly difficult. And then it smudges even after it has had time to set. Two hours after I left the house, the harsh wind made my eyes water and the liner wore away in spots, making it more uneven. The first time I wore it, I forgot to remove it and the next morning it was a smudgy grey black mess that looked like I had spent the night crying. While most of it can be easily removed, parts right ON the lower lid line won't some spots.
Tarte liner the morning after...

Smears and fades time after time...

+ Not tested on animals
+ More natural
+ Gel crayon
+ Dark, strong color

-Expensive, especially for a pencil that needs sharpening
-Dulls in a few uses
-Never really sharpens to a point that gives a thin even line
-Too soft to draw an even line without smudging
-Smudges very easily; never "sets"
- is not waterproof as it claims
- comes off in spots completely and smudges and refuses to come off in others

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