Monday, March 17, 2014

REVIEW: Nature Republic Botanical Vanilla Foundation in 23 (BB) -4 stars

Brand: Nature Republic
Line: Botanical Vanilla
Make-up Type: Foundation/BB 
Origin: South Korea
Tested on Animals: Company says no, does not provide proof.

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  about $5/6 retail, about $8 import costs added. 5/5 (both)
Size: 35 g small, short tube 3/5
Packaging: white square tube (bonus) with floral decoration 4/5
Scent:  it claims to have a sweet vanilla scent, it is kind of sweet, but i'm not sure it's vanilla. 4.5/5
Color/Shade: 23 (the darker color) 5/5 Natural color, blendable 5/5
Texture: smooth, creamy 4/5
Ease of use: squeeze, apply, rub in 3/5
Effect: color correcting, just like a BB or CC cream. 4/5
Lastability: TBD
Claim: Contains vanilla extract and Polynesian lagoon water (??) to protect against external stress and moisturize
The verdict: I like it. I don't understand why they would call a BB cream foundation? It comes in my favorite kind of squeeze tube- square, it's creamy and non-greasy, it applies and blends easily for a natural finish, and it's a great price.

Will I buy again? No. But only because it likely will be phased out soon and NB will roll out a new BB cream, and it's not "amazing" in the fact that it isn't the ultimate BB cream that will end my hunt of the perfect porcelain finish one, AND because they are hard to nail down on the exacts of their no animal testing policy. I do like it better than the majority of BB creams I have tried in the past.

The Review: I picked this up with a mass order because it didn't add any weight to the box- it's very small and light, and it was a low price -about $4.80? I wasn't expecting much because I tried the brightening concelaer and it's useless- worse than a 1 because it's sheer...I was expecting this to be sheer and useless, but it's just the opposite! The verdict pretty much covers why I like this so much. 


  1. Hi there,

    Love your blog. I'm vegetarian too and strongly against animal testing.
    I have a little question about Nature Republic : in your post you mentioned "does not provide proof", could you explain what does that mean? What kind of proof can they give?


    1. NR is not listed w KARA bc they need to provide documented proof that they are not testing themselves, are not hiring anyone to do so, and are not buying already tested ingredients. That would be access to their suppliers and internal paperwork. Many companies can say they don't test but are using loopholes such as testing to sell in China like Laneige or having someone test for them. According to KARA, Nature Republic has not provided such proof as of yet. It's just taking their word for it.