Monday, March 17, 2014

REVIEW: It's Skin Real Real Orange Peeling Pads -NOT a peeling product - 3 stars- Average

Brand: It's Skin
Line: Real Real Orange
Make-up/Skincare Type: Peeling Pad? (cleaner, primer)
Origin: South Korea
Tested on Animals: It's Skin says that products nor ingredients are animal tested, nor are they sold in China.

Brand: It's Skin
Line: Real Real Orange
Make-up/Skincare Type: cleansing sheets
Origin: South Korea
Tested on Animals: Company says they do not test, nor sell in China.
REVIEW Summary:
Price:  $8? Online sellers will charge as much as $15 *score is for retail not import* 4/5
Size: 40 sheets/ 65 ml 4/5
Packaging: orange container with clear tweezers. Pads are NOT orange decorated! :( 2.5/5
Scent: VERY FAINT artificial orange scent 2/5
Color/Shade: N/A
Texture: soaked pads with little orange bumps
Ease of use: open container, pick apart top sheet, or try a few times to grab sheet with tweezers, rub on face. 3/5
Effect:clean feeling skin, but does NOT peel! 3/5
Lastability: 40 sheets, clean effects last until next morning at least

Claim:  Cleaning, removing dead skin, moisturizing, peeling claim is FALSE

Will I buy again? No. Average cleaning product at an okay price, but not affordable due to inflated shipping to import. No cleaning cloths are worth $15. Maybe a peeling product, but this is not one.
The verdict:
I would order this again if it wasn't so damn hard to get without inflated shipping. I like the little cleaning clothes but wish they were orange decorated! It's an average face cleaning product in a container to keep it fresher longer. With shipping I will not buy again. It is also not a peeling product.

Review:  I was excited to try "peeling pads" because I love peeling gels. But this is NOT a peeling product. Just cleaning cloths in a container instead of a packet. Which keeps them fresh longer IMO. It's easy to use if you don't use their useless mini tweezers and spend 30 seconds trying to grab a sheet like you are playing a claw machine. It's soaked with the cleaning liquid, and you rub it on your face, then throw away. My face felt an average amount of clean afterwards, and even the next morning before i put on make-up. Nothing amazing, Very average.

Container keeps it fresh longer
40 sheets will last over a month

Expensive to ship
No real orange scent, very weak
Average cleaning cloth product.
IS NOT a peeling product, does not remove dead skin cells

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