Tuesday, March 18, 2014

REVIEW: Essence Stays No Matter What Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow in Cute Copper- 3.5 stars- Doesn't stay on lids!

Brand: Essence
Line: Stays No Matter What
Make-up Type: jumbo eye shadow pencil
Origin: EU
Tested on Animals: NO. It's illegal in EU

REVIEW Summary:
Price: $2.99  5/5
Packaging: standard size jumbo pencil 3/5
Scent: N/A
Color/Shade: highly pigmented metallic bronze 5/5
Texture: smooth, creamy 4/5
Ease of use: very easy. draw on lid 5/5
Effect: pigmented metallic bronze eyeshadow 5/5
Lastability: GREAT on your hand, not so great on eyelids.
Claim: Stays no matter what false
The verdict: 
Buy again? Maybe. It's a highly pigmented gel liner shadow in a great color, at a very affordable price, but the lasting power is severely short. I love everything about it EXCEPT for the one thing the liner actually claims to do! Poor naming choice for a product that does everything right except what it claims to do in the name.

The Review:
I love Essence. It's an affordable EU drugstore brand that does not sell in China, and it is now illegal for EU brands to test UNLESS it's to sell out of the country, and then they may only test in that country. Assuming of course that that part is enforced.
It can be kind of hard to find as the website does not do direct sales and list Ulta as the only store that carries it. My local Ulta (at least until the new store opens 8 minutes from my house in Spring) is mid-expansion and doesn't carry as many brands right now, and the stock on the brands they carry is not the full lines. Their Essence area is one tiny stand with two types of mascara, 3 colors of my favorite gloss, basically a few colors of each gloss and liner, and a larger variety of shadows and nail polishes.
I accidently picked this up going in to buy another of a lip gloss I loved. I rarely rarely ever buy a lipgloss again, and they didn't have that color any longer. So I picked up a liner shadow and a liner. This i picked up for three reasons: I loved the color, i love gel liner shadows, and it claims to "stay no matter what". it doesn't come in very many other colors, at least that the sorer carried, but this was the only one that interested me, the only metallic/shimmer.
But...it doesn't. When I swatch it on my hand and try to rub it off, it actually performs better than a shadow liner 3 times it's price (Tarte, $22). It doesn't even really smear, and it does NOT come off even with the kind of rubbing that turns skin red. I had to use water and scrub to get it off, and still there was a very faint stain left behind. That's amazing. Unfortunately, I wore it to work, and 4 hours later...it was gone. Just a hint of shimmer and a patch or two left behind that was uneven. Very disappointing that it does everything right. Except the one thing it claims to do! Maybe with a primer...

+Cruelty free
+very affordable
+highly pigmented
+beautiful color
+gel glides on easily

-few colors
-hard to find
-needs a jumbo sharpener

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