Tuesday, February 11, 2014

REVIEW: Skinfood (not cruelty free) Banana Concealer #1 Light: 1 Star: Terrible!

I do not recommend nor promote brands that test on animals or sell in China, but I obtained this after reading incorrect online information on Skinfood's animal testing policy...

Brand: Skinfood
Line: n/a
Make-up Type: concealer
Origin: South Korea
Tested on Animals: Sold in China & company refuses to state policies.

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  around $6
Packaging: yellow twist up plastic tube
Scent: contrary to popular blogger belief, this does NOT smell like banana. Or any type of fruit.
Color/Shade: #1 Light
Texture: waxy crayon
Ease of use: twist up and color in...however it is not easy to blend and gives poor coverage to under eye cirlces
Effect: cakey, streaky, chalky
Lastability: poor, fades right out in a few hours
Claim:hides skin imperfections. No. It does not.
The verdict: I would NOT buy this again. It was streaky, cakey, chalky, and did not cover my under eye circles.

no concealer
unblended concealer

With concealer (streaky and chalky!)

I researched this before buying because, while i have the occasional red spot once every other month, I actually need concealer for my terribly dark under eye circles. I've tried concealers for years and none of them even touch my circles. This one is no different.
When it arrived, I rolled it up and was expecting a banana scent based on reviews online. It has ZERO fruit scent. It smells like a make-up stick. Which is what it is. A somewhat waxy make up crayon. When rubbed on the area that needs concealing, it is not by any means creamy. It's texture is somewhat like a crayon or pastel. The coverage is streaky and you can see it in some spots and not in others. Not smooth. Blending it is difficult because instead of blending evenly, it spreads around on the skin and fades in spots. In the end, it looks like you colored over your under eye with orange/beige chalk. 
I think this concealer would work much better for red spots, but the texture would cause them to look flakey.
I don't recommend this concealer for under eye circles.

Grade: 1 star. D. Poor

Her was another review that felt the same...http://nuagesandmelody.blogspot.com/2013/07/skinfood-banana-concealer-stick-review.html


Does not cover

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