Wednesday, February 19, 2014

REVIEW: Naruko Tea Tree Peeling Gel- 4 stars

New packaging

Brand: Naruko
Line: Oil Out Tea Tree Oil that is now called "Shine Control & Blemish Clear"
Make-up Type: Peeling Gel
Origin: Taiwan
Tested on Animals: Company says no, but has not gotten back to me with confirmation

REVIEW Summary:
NOTE: The claims have changed with the packaging and name.
Price: $18.99 on Naruko site, $12.50 at Sasa
Size: sample is 15 ml, or .53 fl oz.
Packaging: light green tube, packaging change to plain dark green tube.
Scent: mint, tea tree oil
Color/Shade: N/A clear gel
Texture: smooth gel with exfoliants
Ease of use: easy. squeeze out, rub in, wash off
Effect:smooth, clean skin
Lastability: sample tube is TINY, maybe 4 uses.
Claim: Naruko Tea Tree Oil Cut Skincare Peeling Gel is made especially for acne-prone skin. This scrub contains micro beads that help to whisk away dead skin cells. Fortified with hazel, vitamin B5, Tranexamic Acid, and peptides, which are useful to soothe and moisturize skin and keep pores clean and unclogged so that acne will be unlikely to form. Deeply remove oil and leaves your skin with a oil-free and refreshing sensation. This collection was derived from the original Niaouli& Tea Tree collection to remove acne-inducing oil while quenching the thirst of your skin. It is especially formulated with fruit acids to keep the normal moisture and oil balance of your skin while also conditioning and tightening up skin. 
Hazel, vitamin B5, Tranexamic Acid, and peptidesThe verdict:  I like this peeling gel even though I don't have oily skin. I don't know whether it's the scent or the gel itself that makes your skin feel clean, but it does feel clean and smooth, but isn't too rough. It's better than what Etude House has out currently. I would buy it again if the company would get back to me...

I got this tiny sample along with my Naruko order from the USA website. It appears to be an old sample that is no longer carried, as this product is now called Tea Tree "Shine Control & Blemish Clear" instead of tea Tree Oil Out. I think the title change is for the better.
I do not have oily skin, but I do love peeling gels. I should note that it is more expensive on the website $12.50 versus $18.99), and you do have to order $40 to get free shipping, but they sent me this sample and a free sheet mask.
This little sample contains maybe 4 uses if you use it sparingly.
You squeeze it out of the tube and rub into your skin and wash off. Due to the texture, it is less washing off, and more just rinsing skin, which I like. It has a strong herbal tea tree scent, which I like, but others may not. I'm not sure if the scent is convincing me that it's cleaning, or if it really is cleaning, but afterwards, my skin was very smooth. I also tried it on my hand, and that patch was 100% smoother than the rest.

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