Monday, February 17, 2014

REVIEW: Naruko Narcissus DNA Repairing BB Cream -3 stars

Brand: Naruko
Line: Narcissus DNA
Make-up Type: BB cream
Origin: Taiwan
Tested on Animals: website says no, but has not gotten back to me yet with confirmation...

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  $19 2/5
Size: 30 ml (1.05 fl oz) TINY 2/5
Packaging: Dark purple tube, extra tip on top 3/5
Scent: a strong herbal smell that smells a bit like some kind of skin medicine... 3/5
Color/Shade: N/A a beige that absorbs to your skin tone 4/5
Texture: smooth, non-greasy
Ease of use: Easy, easy, easy. Squeeze tube, and this rubs right into your skin! 5/5
Effect: SPF50, evens out skin, very sheer coverage 4/5
Claim:  Blocks UV rays and provides color correcting 5/5 on that one.
The verdict:  The Naruko Appleseed BB cream REVIEW here and the Naruko Narcissus DNA Repair BB cream are as different as night and day. I really like the color, the way it absorbs, the weightlessness instead of feeling heavy and greasy, the fact that it has SPF (although 50 is a little high), and the sheen it leaves behind is interesting. It does NOT provide a ton of coverage, so if you just want to even out skin tone, this will help do that. If you need to cover red spots, this would not be nearly enough. The tube is pretty small and the price is higher than the majority of BB creams out there, but I like to try new BB creams regularly, so I don't want mine to last TOO long or I feel like I might waste it. If I ran out of BB creams i wanted to try, I would purchase again.
The 4 main things I look for in a BB cream are covered by this.
+Not yellow or white (doesn't make me look sick or...sick)
+Color correction
+ Lightweight (not heavy,sticky, oily, greasy...)

I first bought and reviewed another BB cream by Naruko, and it was so terrible I gave it one star.
This BB cream seems to be the opposite of that one in every way.
The packaging on this one is the same plain single color and both are tiny (Appleseed is smaller at 25 ml!), but the color is less vibrant. However, this one has an extra white tip on the end that makes using it less messy. The tip is tiny and narrow, so excess BB cream goes back into the tube instead of collecting around the opening.
Applying it is also easier because this may be one of the fastest absorbing BB creams I have ever had. The other one you could rub, and rub, and it still sat on top of the skin looking yellow/orange and sticky, and feeling greasy.
Speaking of yellow/orange, the Narcissus cream looks darker coming out with none of the yellow undertones. It blends right in to your skin tone and looks natural instead of making you look like you have a failing liver (jaundice). While the other one sat on the surface looking sticky, this one leaves behind not a shimmer or glitter, but a type of sheen. Hard to describe, so see photo.

The last difference, is that this one has SPF 50! I'm not sure I NEED that much SPF and it seems like a little bit of overkill.

Easy to apply w/ mess free tip
Neither "yellow" or "white"
Color correcting
SPF protection

Expensive & tiny
Sheer coverage
Strong herbal scent
SPF is very high

Narcissus VS Apple Seed photo comparison: this photo comparison best shows just how pink the Narcissus is and just how yellow the Apple Seed is...

Narcissus LEFT, Apple Seed RIGHT

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