Tuesday, February 11, 2014

REVIEW: Naruko Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Spots & Line Refining BB Cream SPF50 -fair skin: 1 Star FAIL

Brand: Naruko
Line: n/a
Make-up Type: BB Cream
Origin: Taiwan
Tested on Animals: No, but not authorized through any organization?

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  $11.50 on sale, retail is 29.00, average price online is $20
Size: 25 g (smalll tube)
Packaging: turquoise blue tube

Color/Shade: "Fair" (other option is tanned) is actually very orange-yellow toned! :( 1/5
Texture: thin and watery 2/5
Ease of use: As easy to squeeze out and use as any bb cream, but it doesn't seem to rub in and absorb like others...
Effect: poor coverage, seems to sit on top of the skin...sheer yellow-orange shade
Coverage: Poor
Lastability: Average. Hard to tell bc it has such poor coverage.

Claim: SPF50. Waterproof. Specially formulated to smooth fine lines, and correct skin tone. It does not correct skin tone, too sheer. Apple Seed extract firms skin No and prevents signs of aging. Maximum coverage removes imperfections. Definitely not. Repair, moisturize, stay on all day. No moisturizing.

Contains: Apple seed extract, snow fungus extract, beeswax, licorice potassium (?)

The verdict: I would NOT buy this again.

Small tube


BB cream after being rubbed in 6 times!

The Review:
I was looking forward to trying this based on the claims. "Most natural looking BB cream". "Maximum coverage removes imperfections". My hopes were high and sadly, this product did not live up to them.
The tube is a tiny squeeze type and the color coming out seems normal enough. 
However, when you start to rub it on your face, it has an almost sticky, oily texture and it goes on a very sheer color with yellow-orange undertones. Not the tan kind, but the jaundice kind you might get if your kidneys were failing...After rubbing it in about 6 times, it still hasn't blended into the skin. It sits on top like paint. 5 or 6 more rubs and it improves, but still looks like I have paint on my skin.
I can't imagine how this could cover up any imperfections. It actually makes me re-evaluate other BB creams I disliked.

 In comparison, to the Narcissus BB, this show just how YELLOW this BB cream is...
LEFT: Narcissus, RIGHT Apple Seed

Ordered 12/25, arrived 12/30


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