Sunday, February 16, 2014

REVIEW: It's Skin Star Cream (whitening cream): 1 star FAIL

Brand: It's Skin
Line: n/a
Make-up Type: make-up base/CC cream/SPF
Origin: South Korea
Tested on Animals: It's Skin says that products nor ingredients are tested, nor are they sold in China.

REVIEW Summary:
Price: ranges...generally over-priced 1/5
Size: 50 ml (small jar) 2/5
Packaging: jar- beautiful but small inside 4/5
Scent: slight floral scent 3/5
Color/Shade: pink cream, turns white 1/5
Texture: cold cream 3/4
Ease of use: Scoop out of jar, spread on face, rub in numerous times, rub in some more...and more... 3/5
Effect: whitening, spf, base, moisturizing 1/5
Lastability: unsure as I cover it up with a darker BB cream immediately 
Claim:  (from the website) "Sombre and dull-looking face, which makes the skin softly shining [no shining] like a star by Star cream"
"Absorbs to skin instantly [no- if instantly means almost 15 seconds of rubbing it in continuously...] to enhance moisture retaining power of skin and create resilient and young skin.
Covers skin tone naturally to create originally gorgeous skin." [no]
The verdict: ONE STAR. I would never buy this again , nor would I recommend it to anyone else. Unless that person is looking for strictly a whitening cream with SPF and moisturizer. 1/5

I hate this cream. Why?
This is not a CC cream or a BB cream. It's a whitening cream. :( I am giving it one star for the jar and a half a star because if it was marketed as a whitening cream, it would fit the bill.
I ordered this partially for the jar.
It's beautiful. The jar itself is pink shimmer, and the link is a pink metallic with pink glitter stars on top. It's not a tiny jar from the outside, but it is actually very narrow inside with a giant lid. Making it look two times as big as it actually is.
The cream inside is a pink cold cream.
However, as soon as you put it on your skin and wipe it on, it turns white.

The first issue was how many times it took to rub into the skin instead of sitting on top looking like white paint.
8-12 circular rubs later, it hadn't "absorbed into the skin" as it claims, but had faded in enough not to look like paint anymore. HOWEVER, it then pulls all the color out of your skin, making you look like a sickly, pale ghost.

Is it moisturizing? Yes, my skin feels soft and smooth, but it looks white and pasty. Not worth it.
What is worth mentioning for others who may WANT a white pasty face is that it does pull color out of red spots as well. I had a few cuts on my hand, some older than others, and it turned them white as well. So I imagine i would work well on red skin, red spots, and skin prone to multiple breakouts.
I ordered this also because the claims and reviews made it sounds like the CC cream with SPF and moisturizing  (there is actually one other product in the line that is a CC cream) and i did not know it would go on like a white sheet mask.
If anyone wants to buy it, just comment below...

Pretty Jar

Mark-up to import is expensive
White skin
Sticky skin

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