Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I guess I'll never have a Wishbox...Wishtrend say the brands are not tested on animals, but the majority are sold in China...

I contacted Wishtrend about their items as some of them claim in the description not to be tested on animals. Only one Klairs, is on KARA's list.
Contacting the companies, only two responded at all. Klairs and Mustaev.
Wishtrend replied:
This is Wishtrend.
Thanks for your question.

All products on our website is not tested on animals.
We love animals.

But upon further review I saw Lioele and Tony Moly on their webpage as brands previously I e-mailed for clarification...are they sure the products are not tested on animals, and also the ingredients? Not sold in China?

This is Wishtrend.
Sorry for late response.

As we said, now all products on our website is not tested on animals. And we've heard from the manufacturer.
By the way, could you please tell us the brands that you wanna know about?

Ok, but what questions are they asking? Are they asking about ingredients or China? I listed specific brands...

This is Wishtrend.
Sorry for late response because of holiday seasons.

We just can tell that we know that as we've said.
But, we cannot prove that.
And we cannot know about that in detail from all brands.
We're sorry, but it is hard to say about that.

Ok...What questions do they ask? I also asked about specific brands again.

This is Wishtrend.
Sorry for late response.
To give you answer, many brands need to time, cost to prove that.
But, we know that recently many cosmetic brands tend not to test on animal. Because customers avoid that ingredients and cosmetics.
That's all that we can say about it

We're sorry, but we cannot answer about that exactly.
We'll try to prepare about that later, but now it's hard to do that.

Ok...I guess, never mind then. They don't ask brands about ingredients or China, and therefore...they actually have no idea if the brands are tested on animals or not. Bummer. I guess unless there are Klairs specific or Mustaev specific wishboxes, I can't get one. It also sucks because I asked specifically about a few brands, stating that i wanted to order specific products, but they would not answer.  I would hope that in the future if they really do care about animals as they state, that they would only work with cruelty free companies.

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