Friday, January 10, 2014

STILA now tests on animals...and PETA couldn't care less.

Further proving that one cannot even trust two-faced PETA's list, cosmetics company Stila admits to testing on animals on their website and on "Twitter", yet remains on their cruelty-free list.
Does anyone remember when Too-Faced and Urban Decay decided to sell in China and thus test on animals and PETA attacked them and UD reversed their decision? It was in all of that that Hard Candy was also accused of this and they became angry and went to their FB page to clear it all up? And then UD got an award from PETA for deciding NOT to do something terrible?
I know we can't expect much from an organization that has a spokeswoman (Ellen) who is the face of a cosmetics company that is notorious for testing on animals, but if they are going to put out a list and attack companies that start testing, they should at least be accurate. I sent them a polite e-mail saying there was an error in their list with the correct info and a link... and got the auto-reply that they promise to get back to you, but they never did. Shocking. Only ONCE out of the 4 or 5 times I have e-mailed them for more info have they bothered to reply.
Not a peep was ever made about MAC deciding to start testing again. Or Benefit.
Do some companies get immunity from public attacks?
As for me, I e-mailed Stila to let them know that they can go ahead and test to expand their customer base, but I will not be buying their shit. I sent a polite e-mail that was never responded to or even acknowledged. Nice customer service Stila!
I really wish that Sephora would take a stand against animal testing or a new store would pop up that refuses to sell products tested on animals. It makes shopping there or at Ulta really, really hard.
Link to one of the blogs that exposed Stila's new position.


  1. I'm finding that buying ANYTHING at Ulta is very hard. Between the companies that test on animals, and the ones that use toxic chemicals in their formulas instead of natural ingredients - there's nothing there to buy! Thanks for posting this info.

    1. You're not wrong sadly. I don't think there is a wealth of information on companies that are natural and nontoxic either. I hear great things about 100% Pure, but they are pretty $.

  2. I am absolutely gutted about all of these brands not being cruelty free. I only become aware the other day. I feel so ignorant not knowing this, and continuing to support these companies by spending lots of money. My heart breaks to know what these animals are subjected to and i cant believe that people will still go and buy these products! I will never buy from these companies again. However, it is a little confusing as i thought that urban decay were okay until reading this and there's a few other brands like Revelon somebody wrote that they are cruelty free but i don't think they are! Personally i don't understand why they need to sell in China obviously profit but they are already multi dollar companies. If all these companies chose not to sell in China maybe one day China would re-evaluate their laws. I mean if they are not tested on here in the UK and its okay to sell to the people of Britain why do China feel the need to have to re-test it. It just doesnt make sense. China, Japan, and Korea are all cruel to animals they just don't have any compassion or empathy! I just pray that one day all animal cruelty will be abolished its about time!

    1. Hi Louise! Urban Decay is owned by a company that tests, but in my post I mentioned that they decided to sell in China, and then that they changed their minds due to the backlash. So the remain cruelty free, but the company that owns them L'Oreal is NOT cruelty free.
      Revlon is not cruelty free. The problem is that these brands say they are cruelty free, and that they "only test when required by law". Which means they ARE NOT cruelty free, but they want you to think that they are. They are making the choice to sell in China. Another problem is that the list changes so fast that people can't keep up. PETA is not a reputable source and neither is Paula's Choice (who ignored my e-mail offering them concrete proof that their list was wrong). I usually check Logical Harmony because I just don't have the time to do all of that research that she does.
      Japan and South Korea, unlike China (they are very very different countries in pretty much every way imaginable), do not require animal testing. When they test it is because they chose to, usually to sell in China (greed)
      In fact, South Korea will have put in effect a ban by 2018, the same as the UK. Putting them ahead of the US in the compassion department in regards to cosmetics testing. However, that doesn't mean they can't sell in China. I'm personally unsure of any loopholes, so to learn more, contact Cruelty Free International!