Sunday, January 26, 2014

Missha is confirms it is NOT cruelty-free & is sold in China...:(

Dear Valued Customer, Missha US specifically is against animal cruelty, so we do not test our products on animals. Please note that some of our products do have animal ingredients, however, it does not harvest any harm to the animals. For example, we use pearl powder, deer antler, snail mucus, etc. We do sell our products in China and needs to go through procedures and regulations made by the Chinese government. For more details on testing and certification with KARA Korea or the Leaping Bunny, please inquire at We hope that we answered your questions. Thank You. Regards, Missha US

Asking 3 more times about ingredients finally yielded this answer:

We regret to inform you that we do not have that information. Missha US is an online shop where we sell the products in the US. The Headquarter/Manufacture, will know the answer to that question. Please email for more details. Thank you.

Missha US

And there you have it. Missha is NOT cruelty free, and they possibly test ingredients on animals making them ineligible for KARA's list.
Plans to follow-up with KARA and Missha Korea.
here is what KARA's web page states...
From before Etude parent co AmorePacific ceased testing in May 2012, but continue to sell in China...

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