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South Korean & Japanese Beauty Brands...& China

 I contacted a few of these brands in 2014 and have the results below...
Yet even some of them that operate USA or international sites have not responded, which I find to be more rude and unprofessional as they are catering to Western customers by putting up the website, then declining to follow through.

Some brands have it listed right on the site if you know where to look!
1. The top menu might have the flags of the countries they sell to
2. The top or bottom may have a locations link that tells you where their stores are located.
3.  There may be a link at the top that takes you to each international site.
4. At the bottom they might have contact info for each country.

"Can you just tell me what companies DO sell in China? I don't feel like scrolling."

Companies that sell in China (according to their websites)

• Clio / Peripera/ Goodal
• Banila Co.
• Elizavecca
• Amore Pacific: Etude House/ Innisfree/ Laneige/IOPE etc.
• Missha (they actually lie and say they are cruelty free!)
Secret Key
• Face Shop
• Tony Moly
• Labiotte -under the Tony Moly brand and is too new to have shops in China yet, but will expand
• Too Cool For School
• SkinFood
• Berrisom

Here are the responses/non responses from companies contacted:

Amore Pacific (Etude House/Innisfree/Laneige) - Sold in CHINA. NOT cruelty-free. 
No response online to question if and when they will stop selling in China. I e-mailed AmorePacific and they said someone would get back to me. Someone got back to me saying that they would forward my question to headquarters for an answer. Very skitchy.
 [They stopped testing themselves as of May 2013 and were confirmed via KARA...however they are NOT cruelty free as long as they are selling in China. The BUAV has confirmed that they have made zero headway with Amore Pacific on selling in China.]

It's Skin: Not tested on animals. Not sold in China.
Here is the response I received;
 Thanks for your e-mail, well received it.
We are not doing animals testing with our products.
We do not have our official agent for China market.
So, we do not testing in China.

Anymore question, please do not hesitate contact with me.

Dear Marissa,

Thanks for your e-mail, well received it.
I will reply as below;

1. Test the product ingredients on animals? 
-We are not doing animals testing.

2. Do you have another company test the products or ingredients for you?
-Mainly our product produced at our mother company Hanbul cosmetics, they do not doing animals testing and our OEM maker not doing the animals testing.

3.You said you do not sell in China currently, but do you have plans to?
-We are negotiating with some of companies, but we haven't contracted yet.

4. Why is It's Skin not listed or certified with KARA Korea or the Leaping Bunny program? Do you plan to certify It's Skin with them?
-There isn't any obligation to register KARA Korea, so we wouldn't do that. All of our product tested with dermatology for skin safety.

5. Do you use animal ingredients in your products?
Just one product we are using animal ingredients with horse oil, but this product only sale to duty free shop, because, in Japan there is some market demand for horse oil cream.

Please kindly check it.

Best regards,
Joshua Lim

SkinFood- Sell in China.
It came back undeliverable, but website plainly includes a link to the Chinese website.

TonyMoly- Sell in China
It came back undeliverable, but their website plainly says they sell in China.

Holika Holika (USA site)-  HAVE NO IDEA
The USA site got back to me saying that they have no idea the answer to that question and to e-mail Holika Holika Korea...Which is sad because it is their duty to be able to answer questions like this for customers, even if it involves asking either HH Korea or the manufacturer. The e-mail to HHK was not replied to.

Nature Republic- It came back undeliverable, but according to their website, they do not sell in China.

Missha (USA site) - Sells in China, may test ingredients... 
Response avoids the ingredient question, but it is the least shifty answer I have ever seen them give;

In response to your inquiry, please see below:
Dear Valued Customer, Missha US specifically is against animal cruelty, so we do not test our products on animals. Please note that some of our products do have animal ingredients, however, it does not harvest any harm to the animals. For example, we use pearl powder, deer antler, snail mucus, etc. We do sell our products in China and needs to go through procedures and regulations made by the Chinese government. For more details on testing and certification with KARA Korea or the Leaping Bunny, please inquire at Missha.co.kr. We hope that we answered your questions. Thank You. Regards, Missha US

Baviphat: No response.

BanilaCo: (Sold in China) No response.

IPKN: No response

Rojukiss:  No response.

Naruko: (Taiwan) I contacted Naruko USA. They do not test products, but said they would get back to me on ingredients and Mainland China sales...that was last month. I will re-contact them.

Koji: (Japan) JAVA Japan confirmed that Koji is on their cruelty free list, but that they do not ask if they sell in China...I contacted Koji and received an auto response that they would get back to me. Nothing as of yet a month later...

Canmake: (Japan) A Canmake representative replied in hours saying that they do not test on products or ingredients, not do they sell in China, with no plans to sell in China at the time.

see the full response here:

K-Palette: (Japan)

Elisha Coy: Contacted Elisha Coy USA and have received NO RESPONSE.

Lottree: No response

Secret Key:  Sold in China. No response

Niobe: Sold in China.

Ciracle: No response

Mustaev (USA site): No- to their knowledge...

 Dear Customer,

Please note that Chroma La Monde dba MustaeV USA is the sole distributor of MustaeV cosmetics and beauty instruments in the United States. We strive to provide the highest quality goods, manufactured in accordance with all applicable laws for the country of origin. As we do not manufacture the goods ourselves, we can only attest to the guarantees provided to us by the manufacturer(s).

In response to your inquiries, it is our understanding that:

1. The manufacturer(s) of our brand(s) do not test any of the products we sell/distribute on animals.
2. The manufacturer(s) of our brand(s) do not test any whole or partial ingredients of any of the products we sell/distribute on animals.
3. The manufacturer(s) of our brand(s) do not contract, sub-contract, consult, or delegate to any third party any testing duties wherein testing is performed using animals.
4. The manufacturer(s) of our brand(s) do not currently sell the products we offer in China. As a distributor, we would not submit a non-testing application; however, we would urge the manufacturer(s) of our brand(s) to do so should they decide to distribute in China.
5. As a distributor, we are not certified with the Leaping Bunny. As a US based distributor, we are not certified with Korea Animal Rights Advocates.
6. The manufacturer(s) of our brand(s) do not use animal ingredients in any of the products we sell/distribute.


We don't test our products on animals. Also we don't use those ingredients as well. 
If you are looking for non-animal test products, please check the below link. 
Klairs is approved by KARA. 

Shara Shara:  SOLD IN CHINA
Their manufacturer says they do not need to test and that testing is not required in China. Which is a lie.

Hada Labo USA: No response
Mentholium USA : No response

Thanks to KARA (Korea) and JAVA (Japan)

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