Sunday, January 12, 2014

Body Shop "Vitamin E Cool BB Cream" 2 Star Failure -Like a Heavy Mud Mask

Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

Brand: Body Shop
Line: N/A
Make-up Type: "BB cream"
Origin: USA
Tested on Animals: NO, but their parent company does test.

REVIEW Summary:
Price: ** $22 (over-priced)
Size: ** 1.69 fl oz. (small, the size of the palm of my hand)
Packaging: *** Standard BB cream tube, pink with magenta and silver print
Scent: ** It has a "make-up" smell, the smell of face cream that I associated with older woman and make-up as a child.
Color/Shade: N/A Only one available: "Glowing Shade": 
Texture: * greasy, thick
Ease of use: ** Medium. Easy to squeeze out the drop, but hard to blend into your skin.
Effect: * Bad. BB cream feels heavy and greasy on skin. There is no glow, average coverage, skin feels dull.
Vitamin E Cool BB Cream is a new skincare hero (definitely not).
 The Body Shop's new take on BB cream illuminates (false; makes skin dull),  evens skin tone and protects with moisture (greasy) for 12 hours (no).   Available in one cool shade, the lightweight texture (heavy) will effortlessly blend (no) onto skin for a fresh (no)and natural look (no).
Hydrates to protect (no, greasy)Evens tone Fresh-looking skin (no)One cool shade

Verdict:   2 stars. Never Again. 

I bought this during one of the 50% off sales online, making it $11 instead of $22, and qualifying as my first US BB Cream.
I wouldn't have a problem paying $22 for a really good full-sized BB cream because you only need a tiny amount each application, but this is not only small, but it fails at every claim it makes.
 BB creams are supposed to provide coverage that feels sheer, creamy, and weightless and provides a glow to your skin. It literally should make you feel like you aren't wearing any face make-up at all, blend to your skin color, and soak into your skin with one or two rubs.
THIS BB Cream however, feels thick and oily, like applying a mud mask. You really have to rub it in a few times, which is hard when it is so thick and oily. It's very matte- no glow except for the oily sheen it leaves behind. The coverage is average, but it feels like my pores are clogged with it and my face feels heavy and dull. The opposite of sheer, creamy, and weightless, with no glow.
The color does blend with my skin, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Maybe someone who hasn't tried the Korean BB creams might like it, but I have experienced much, much better.

Before attempting to blend
Looking heavy and greasy after blending...

Not illuminating...

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