Friday, April 1, 2011

REVIEW: Koji (unable to confirm definite cruelty free status)Spring Heart Longlasting Eyeliner - 4.5 stars

REVIEW: Koji Spring Heart Longlasting Eyeliner (Black Glitter) [5/5]

Brand: Koji
Line: Spring Heart
Product Type: Eyeliner pen/crayon
Origin: Japan
Color: Black w/ Silver Sparkle
Tested On Animals: Sources say NO, trying to confirm.

REVIEW Summary:
Price: $6.50 -not bad at all compared to some of the other Japanese cosmetics! 3/5
Size: ?
Packaging: disposable packaging pictured, pen is black with silver writing.
Scent: none
Color/Shade: Black with sparkle 5/5
Texture: It's a crayon, so it can be a little stiff..3/5
Ease of use: Stiff, requires a few retraces to get a strong solid line... 3/5
Effect: Dark black with some silver glitter. 4/5
Longevity/Lastability: I hesitate to say all day, but it's a few hours at least. 3.5/5

 I took a trip to Mitsua Marketplace in Chicago suburbs in March. I was disappointed at how small the selection in the beauty section was (the toy selection was worse!) and I haven't ever tried Japanese cosmetics, so I just picked out one of the cutest cheaper items in case I didn't like it -$6.50. Different colors were different prices and I picked the black one with the silver glitter.
I first tried it on my hand, and it's a deep black color with a little bit of silver glitter. Cute.
The best part about this however, is that it is actually long-lasting! After I drew a line on my hand, it stayed there faintly -even after I tried to rub it out- for hours! It's easy to draw on and it stays on.

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