Thursday, December 30, 2010

REVIEW: Etude House (not cruelty free) Magic Bubble Peeling (Foam) -2.5 stars

Brand: Etude House
Line: Magic Bubble
Make-up Type: peeling foam
Origin: South Korea
Tested on Animals: Sold in China

REVIEW Summary:
Price:  14.99 (too expensive for the quality) 2/5
Size: 4.06 fl oz or 120 ml 3/5
Packaging: Purple metal bottle with a nozzle. Art features a fairy/pixie. Not very eye-catching and more feminine than cute or girly. Etude always has a new theme gimmick line. 3/5
Scent:  faint foam smell
Color/Shade: n/a
Texture: smooth foam turns sticky
Ease of use: Easy to push the button and get foam, but needs to be rubbed in over and over to create a peeling effect. This turns skin red. 2/5
EffectSomewhat smooth skin after-wards. Somewhat moisturized. What I would have expected from the failure of Moistful...
Lastability: Large can, but alot of foam comes out at once. Not long-lasting. 2/5
The verdict:  I'm done with foam or spray or alternative peeling products. Only gel from here on out.
There was a tiny bit of peeling, but not enough to make it worth it. I would NOT buy this again. There are better peeling products.

I ordered this because it was a decent price on Etude USA and I wanted to try all the peeling products... I didn't like the Moistful one very much at all...

The standard peeling gel is applied to dry skin and rubbed in.
This is actually a foam in a tin-like bottle with a spray foam nozzle. Like shaving cream...

I wasn't expecting much from a metal/tin tube, especially when it came out looking exactly like shaving cream.

However, unlike the Moistful Peeling "Wash", and unlike the fog peeling spray, there was a little tiny bit of peeling and there was moisture afterwards.  
You rub it on your face, rub it in until it starts peeling (very minimal amount no matter how long you do it), and then rinse.

Not very much peeling...

 All of the rubbing caused my face to turn red and splotchy.

Red splotchy skin

Actual peeling effect is grey, which is kind of gross...This is NOT going to take off very much dead skin at all, and I question if it takes anything off? So much for "magic bubble". 

UPDATE: There are now a few peeling products in this line and the packaging was changed to something with no pixies...I like this packaging better. The other two include one with a brush and a foam you leave on and wash off.

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